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Ting-Yi (Elisa) Chang is an undergraduate student at University of Toronto Scarborough campus studying international development studies, economics and media studies. With this interesting combination of studies, she is interested in issues such as economic development and digital divide, history of media and globalization, as well as the political economic power relations and discourse. Aside from academic interests, Elisa also enjoys outdoor life, traveling, drawing, and postcard writing.

Elisa is currently on her summer vacation (2015) while carrying out this voluntary project inspired by one of her second year courses, MDSB25 (Political Economy of Communication/Media) instructed by Dr. Lewis Kaye. In the course, she learned about the concept of “Slow Media” and rethink about the relationship between modern technology in communication and human nature.

“I am fascinated by the old-fashioned ways of broadcasting and communicating. In Dr. Kaye’s courses I wrote essays on telegraph development and offshore radio broadcasters in the 1960s and now I am creating a project of using paper maps while everyone has GPS or Google Map on the mobile phone.” “Many would ask me ‘how does it have to do with anything happening right now?’ but I have to say it has everything to do with it. To know how we get to where we are today and maybe what we are losing in the process are crucial parts of understanding how to live with the contemporary media technologies.”

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To see more essays written by Ting-Yi Chang, please see posts under the category “Essays” which can be found on the widget on the right hand side.

(note: These essays are mainly course assignments with minor editions afterwards.)


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